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Environmental issues can be painful. We mitigate those pain points by getting the job done right, the first time.

We have the answers.

Environmental questions can be complex. We have the experience and the connections to see you through.

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Our commitment to our clients is unwavering. Count on us to be there and to be straightforward, no matter what.

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We offer a broad range of environmental consulting and safety services tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

  • Voluntary Action Program

    • Ohio EPA Certified Professionals
    • Phase I & II Property Assessment
    • Fate & Transport Modeling
    • Urban Setting Designations
    • Ecological & Human Health Risk
  • Site Assessments

    • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments
    • Geoprobe™ Subsurface Sampling
    • Underground Storage Tank Services
    • Groundwater Monitoring & Modeling
    • Hydrogeological Assessments
    • Wellhead Protection Planning
    • Comprehensive Landfill Services
  • Wetlands & Ecology

    • Wetlands Delineations
    • Ecological Resources Assessments
    • Wetlands Mitigation Planning & Permitting
    • Streambank Stabilization (Bio-engineering)
    • Wetlands Bank Site Development
    • Endangered Species Evaluations
  • Safety, Industrial Hygiene & IAQ

    • OSHA Compliance Audits
    • Safety Programs
    • Safety Training
    • Industrial Hygiene Assessments
    • Personal Exposure Monitoring
    • Indoor Air Quality Investigations
  • Environmental Compliance

    • Environmental Compliance Auditing
    • Air & Water Permit Preparation
    • Waste Management
    • Environmental Reporting
    • Toxic Release Inventory Reporting
    • SPCC & Storm Water Plan Development
  • Lead & Asbestos

    • Asbestos Surveys
    • Lead-based Paint Surveys
    • Specification Development
    • Project Oversight Services
    • On-site PCM Analysis
    • Lead in Drinking Water Testing


We are a team of environmental consulting experts
Our professionals understand the most demanding environmental problems.

  • "Safety, integrity, and data quality" Brad Loney

  • "We work with our clients as partners – their goals are our goals." Jean Yost

  • "We partner with our clients to help them find their way through complex regulations." Doug Wetzel

  • "We work with our clients as partners – their goals are our goals." Rebecca Florjancic

  • "Safety, integrity, and data quality" Henry Fahnenbruck


HZW provides environmental consulting services
We create solutions to challenging circumstances, maximizing resources for the best possible outcomes.

“Ben did a good job, he was very helpful and gave us a quick turnaround. He helped out on a pretty complicated project and got it through the permit.”

Wetlands Client

HZW is a Women-Owned Business Enterprise, full-service environmental and safety consulting firm with offices in Mentor and Akron, and field offices in Euclid and Canton.
We are recognized as one of the leading providers of quality environmental and safety consulting services in the state of Ohio, nationwide, Canada and Mexico.

Not so FAQ

These are real questions of an environmental nature posed to HZW over the years.


If my cow drinks water contaminated by salt, will it go blind?


We did the research and the answer is no. Cows have a limited tolerance for salt water and will stop drinking it, even if it is the only water available to them. It was determined that the cows went blind due to another cause.


If worms eat contaminated soil, can I still use them for fish bait?


Yes, the available research indicates that chemicals do not bio-accumulate in the common earthworm.


Is it safe for my toddler to chew on a picnic table made from recycled plastic?


We responded it is probably not a good idea to have your kid chew on plastic – recycled or otherwise – that has not been approved by the Consumer Products Safety Council.


If a contaminated site has been cleaned up and is acceptable for use by humans is it also safe for burrowing dogs?


Yes, but not for the reason you might think. It is true that dogs have a smaller body mass than humans. However, from a risk assessment standpoint, a dog’s shorter life span (12–15 years on average) is the deciding factor.


Why do children eat lead-based paint?


Lead-based paint has a sweet flavor; in fact, it has been compared in flavor to certain types of candies.


Do wetlands have cattails and standing water?


Not necessarily , while it is common in some landscapes to see wetlands containing water and cattails. It is also common to have wetlands which are only saturated at the surface and contain a variety of other plants, shrubs, and tree species. Just because it does not have standing water does not mean it is not a wetland.